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medInria Release Notes

medInria v3.1.1

  • Viewer optimization: opening data is quicker, debug a window/level lag
  • The annotation cube can be hidden in 3D view
  • Solve some annotation text problems
  • DB: remove a bug in the creation of the series
  • Fix DICOM import bug with special characters
  • Solve SH data image, and 4D image bugs
  • PolygonROI segmentation labels enhanced
  • Tools button icon, allow opening data in fix views
  • Plugins from Asclepios in medInria repository
  • Fix Retina screen problems with segmentations
  • Registration - fix LCC Log Demons transformation crash
  • Registration - put back name in undo-redo tool
  • Improve 3D rendering behavior
  • Add a DICOM exporter

medInria v3.1.0

  • Switch ITK to version 5.0.0
  • Switch VTK to version 8.1.2
  • Create Meshing workspace with 5 toolboxes: Create Mesh from Mask, Mesh Manipulation, Mesh Mapping, Remeshing and Iterative Closest Point
  • Create Reformat workspace with 2 toolboxes: Cropping and Reslice
  • Filtering workspace becomes Filtering dtk2
  • Create Filtering workspace with 5 toolboxes: Binary Operation, ITK Basic Filters, Mask Application, Morphological Filters and N4 Bias Correction
  • Segmentation workspace, add new toolboxes: VOI Cutter, Variational Segmentation and Polygon ROI
  • Registration workspace, add a new toolbox: Manual Registration
  • Paint toolbox in Segmentation is updated, can do region growing algorithm
  • A log system has been added, you can find the log file on homepage -> Logs
  • Histogram in views Tools button
  • Possibility to open a study, dropping it in a view
  • Reset camera on layer double click
  • 3D orientation, change the color of the background
  • Browser -> File System, path saved each time you open a directory
  • Improve visibility of 2D meshes
  • Pop-up to validate application exit: avoid misclicks
  • Search toolbox tool in the quick access menu to find toolboxes
  • Standardize Selector workspaces (with a selector combobox of toolboxes)
  • Filter tool added on the top on database column in workspaces
  • Right-click on a data in the database: Metadata tool lists the data metadata
  • Possibility to rename data in database column with the OS shortcut (ex. F2 on Linux)
  • Clarify the use of Load/Import data which become Temporary Import/Import
  • Remove homepage animation, and update minimum size of the application
  • Splash screen design updated, and fix transparency problem on some computers
  • Improve Mouse Interaction/View settings/Layer settings ergonomy
  • Fix Tensor view crash, and mesh + data display in view
  • Fix save and load settings for PACS system
  • Fix Dicom import with non axial acquisition
  • Fix a synchronisation bug between views
  • Fix a 4-split bug with the slicing
  • Fix a 4-split views bug with scrolling, button in view Tools button
  • Fix command-line bugs
  • Fix import errors of DICOM and mha
  • Fix default database path
  • Fix hidden layer visibility when add a new data in a view
  • Fix Composer button, and Diffusion toolboxes sizes
  • Fix memory leak with meshes after view closing
  • Fix thumbnail size
  • Fix the slice number and location on the view when the orientation changes
  • Improve packaging

medInria v3.0.0

  • Switch Qt backend to Qt 5.x
  • Switch VTK to version 8.1, including a switch to OpenGL2 backend
  • new, experimental composer workspace to run pipelines
  • Introduce a new plugin framework for the previous purpose
  • A bunch of new image processing algorithms: ITK basic operations (morphology, arithmetic...), bias correction...
  • New data types for diffusion: multi-compartment models (view and estimation)
  • enable image drag and drop on the application
  • scale colormaps option for surface and fibers attributes
  • many more things under the hood !

medInria v2.2.3

  • Fix registration of images encoded in unsigned short
  • Add a colormap for label images
  • Fix rare window-level crash
  • Fix rare thumbnail creation crash
  • New plugin for quantitative MRI T1 and T2 maps estimation
  • Various bugs corrections

medInria v2.2.2

  • Minimum CMake version is now 2.8.10, as it corrects problem with automoc
  • Window/Level sliders are now expressed as Min/Max for easier manipulation
  • Fixed a bug that was wasting disk space by saving non persistent items on disk
  • Restore split presets, ROI file loading, RGB(A) image support
  • Undo/Redo support in paint segmentation
  • Allow coloring of vector field by a single color for field comparisons
  • Fixed Depth-Peeling on NVidia cards, improved general performance a bit
  • Various bugs and crashes corrections

medInria v2.2.1

  • Presets for images are back
  • Reversed Loni Lut added
  • Diffusion workspace bug correction
  • File association on Mac corrected
  • Crashing bug in ITK basic filters solved
  • Various bugs corrections


medInria v2.2.0

  • Rubber band zoom
  • Add support for VTK vtp file format
  • New application design 
  • DICOM import robustness improved
  • Morphological filters (dilate, erode, open, close) added
  • ITK 4.6 and VTK5.10 migration
  • Vector field visualization
  • HighDPI support on OSX
  • New navigator to explore patients/studies/series
  • New view container management system
  • MPR feature added to visualize an image in all orientations 
  • Diffusion workspace refactored
  • View and Data Management API updated
  • View properties toolbox improved and a new system to link properties set up
  • Corrections in time line management
  • 2 new registration plugins are added : LCC log-Demons and non linear block-matching registration
  • Many bug corrections


medInria v2.1.2

  • Bug fixes on view/layer synchronisation in the registration workspace
  • Made image annotations more legible on any background by adding text shadows
  • Fixed a crash in medPluginGenerator as well as tests
  • DICOM import fixes
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for orientation buttons
  • Simplified paint segmentation toolbox
  • File browser settings are now saved
  • Mesh thumbnails are now properly rendered on Mac, no more popups on other platforms


medInria v2.1.1

  • Win64 package was using Qt 4.7 instead of 4.8
  • Unix packages were using a dynamic boost, instead of static
  • Temporarily disable mesh thumbnail generation on Mac due to crashes, will be fixed in 2.1.2


medInria v2.1.0

  • First open-source release, code available on github
  • Database edition
  • Undo-redo for registration algorithms
  • New registration algorithm: pyramidal block-matching registration
  • Experimental ODF visualization (for ODF in a spherical harmonics basis)
  • Inter-hemispheric symmetry plane computation
  • Rewritten NL-Means denoising, now includes DWI denoising
  • Improved paint segmentation tool: magic wand, multi-label segmentation, controls simplification
  • View orientation controls moved from right-click to the view properties toolbox
  • Remove, save data, double-click to view data from any workspace using patient navigator
  • Simplified ROI filtering of fiber tracts
  • Direct image file opening from command line, file type association (double click on a file in Finder to view it: Mac only)
  • Screenshot button and shortcut (Ctrl F)
  • "Alt-Tab" like shortcut to switch between workspaces (Ctrl Shift)
  • Many bug corrections and other improvements


medInria v2.0.1-1

  • Fix Dicom plugins load failures on Macos Mountain Lion


medInria v2.0.1

  • Improved UI
  • Added registration algorithms: Baloo, Super Baloo, iLogDemons
  • Registration always performed in float for now
  • Added Segmentation Configuration preview
  • Improved layer aware window level interactions
  • Added INRImage support


medInria v2.0.0

  • Total rewrite of the code from v1.9.0