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Please read medInria's license and disclaimer and do contact us for any question.

Here you will find the flavour of medInria you are looking for. If you would like to know what's new in the latest version, you may consult the release notes. A more complete list of requirements and installation instructions is available in the documentation.


Choose your platform to download medInria


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Mac OS X

This installer is a classic .dmg file for Mac OS X 10.13 and later releases. To install, just drag and drop the app file in your application directory.  download

For detailed instructions on how to install medInria on your mac, please refer to the corresponding documentation page.



We officially support Fedora (for Fedora 30) and Ubuntu (from Ubuntu 18.04) linux distributions.

Here are the two zip packages for Linux: Fedora download or Ubuntu download.

On those distributions, do not forget to check you installed qt5. To do so, a sudo apt install qt5-default (on ubuntu) or sudo yum install qt5-default (on fedora) should do the trick.

To run medInria from the uncompressed folder, you can use:


 Some users report troubles on Fedora with Fedora Build, please try the Ubuntu version one your Fedora.



Windows is supported from version 7 onwards. Just run the installer file and let you be guided by the next button...

Windows version download windows 64 bits installer


Test Datasets

Diffusion dataset download

We provide diffusion data ready to be used in the Diffusion configuration of medInria. Feel free to try it.

Registration example dataset download

This dataset contains two images of the same patient used in our video tutorials for the registration workspace.


Nightly builds

To test the very latest fixes or functionalities, you can use our nightly builds .


Special AP-HP builds

To test features develop for AP-HP partner , you can use our HP-HP builds .



Previous Versions

For previous versions of medInria 2.x, you can find them here.

You can still find the 1.x MedINRIA on the Asclepios website.