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TOPIC: Rigid Registration, and one-again registration

Rigid Registration, and one-again registration 10 years 10 months ago #165

  • fernande
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Hello !

As I began to use MedInria x.x under Windows, I get the following problems :

Under MedInria 1.x : I have the possibility to save the matrix that represents a rigid/affine transform, but when I load it to apply it to a friend image, it makes MedInria crash. Even if I take a random image and try to use the matrix, it crashes. I'll go on further test, but for the moment I'm not able at all to apply a matrix that I just saved before, thus now I have to go looking for the ITK native function (big loss of time), or reimplement it under Java, as I worked on ImageJ.

Under MedInria 2.x : I don't see any possibility of rigid registration. As I have to handle global important rigid body transformations first, before refining the registration, I cannot begin by an elastic registration algorithm, the result will surely be insane.

Under MedInria 2.x : Similarly as for Med 1.x, I can save (export) transformations, but I don't see the interest, as I cannot load some (for what I see of it, maybe I don't see something obvious ??).

Do you have ideas about it ?
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Re: Rigid Registration, and one-again registration 10 years 10 months ago #168

  • ocommowick
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Your post is very much related to another post of the forum ( I've moved it to the registration category. We do not support anymore medInria 1.x and focus only on medInria 2.x.

To answer your questions, there are actually two algorithms in medinria to perform rigid registration : Optimus and Baloo. For the second one, be careful to choose rigid registration mode.

Then, as I mentioned in the other post, it is not yet possible to apply a transform to a given image in medInria, we are working on it for the next versions. However, if you wish to perform rigid followed by non linear registration, you can still do it as you can chain registrations (eg rigid followed by non linear) in medinria, the input of the second algorithm will indeed be the result of the first one.

Hope this helps
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