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Modifying medInria's Settings

medInria's settings panel can be accessed by clicking the Settings button in the home page.


settings button

Settings are divided (as per version 2.0.1) in four categories: Interaction, Startup, Database and System. Additionnal plugins and future versions will add more categories.


Interaction tab

Default Mouse Interaction: Whether zooming, windowing, slicing or measuring if the default mouse interaction.


Startup tab

Fullscreen: Whether medInria starts in full screen. This option can be also changed in the corresponding checkbox in the home page (just below the Settings button).

Starting area: medInria can start in any of the following areas: Homepage, Browser or Viewer (Visualization configuration).



Database tab

Moving the database: The database location is set here. In order to move it to a new directory it is necessary to set the new desired path in the Database location field and restart medInria (note that, depending on the size of your database, this operation might take some time).




System tab

Plugins / Modules / Scripts path: medInria needs to know where to look for modules, scripts and plugins in order to load them. In this section the respective paths can be set. Note than more than one path can be added by separating them with the corresponding character ( : in Unix and Mac and ; in Windows).

For example, the following entries would be correct:

for Windows: C:\medInria\Modules;C:\Users\John\Scripts

for Unix-like systems and Mac OS X: /home/username/medInria/scripts:/home/shared/scripts

Clear on patient change: If this option is selected, then whenever a patient is selected on the left panel on the configurations, all the images that are being shown would be cleared, so a new, clean workspace is set for the new patient.




Advanced settings

Important: This section contains sensitive and important settings for medInria to run properly. We strongly suggest not to change this, wrong use could cause medInria to work improperly or even not run at all.


General Comments

Do not forget to click on save to close the window to keep your changes. Clicking on Reset will go back to the last saved values, not just in the last edited category, but in all categories.


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