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The Team

medInria is a project developed within Inria, in France.

It is currently lead by Olivier Commowick and Maxime Sermesant.

A medInria consortium was created to steer the development, and its technical lead is Florent Leray.

Different Inria teams have been working together to bring to life this new version: Empenn, Epione, Athena, Parietal

There were also numerous contributions from IHU Liryc, Bordeaux through MUSIC. Here is a list of contributors:

  • Alexandre Abadie (medInria)
  • Benoit Bleuze (medInria)
  • Clement Philipot (medInria)
  • Fatih Arslan (medInria)
  • Florent Collot (MUSIC)
  • Florent Leray (medInria)
  • Florian Vichot (medInria / MUSIC)
  • Guillaume Pasquier (medInria)
  • Hakim Fadil (medInria / MUSIC)
  • Jaime Garcia Guevara (medInria)
  • John Stark (medInria)
  • Julien Castelneau (medInria  / MUSIC)
  • Julien Wintz (medInria)
  • Loic Cadour (medInria / MUSIC)
  • Mathilde Merle (MUSIC)
  • Maxime Sermesant (medInria)
  • Mehdi Juhoor (MUSIC)
  • Michael Buckingham (MUSIC)
  • Michael Knopke (medInria)
  • Nicolas Toussaint (medInria)
  • Nordine El Baraka (MUSIC)
  • Olivier Commowick (medInria)
  • Olivier Clatz (medInria)
  • Pauline Migerditichan (MUSIC)
  • Pierre Fillard (medInria)
  • Rene-Paul Debroize (medInria)
  • Sergio Medina (medInria)
  • Theodore Papadopoulo (medInria)
  • Stephan Schmitt (medInria)

Special thanks to Pr Raphaële RENARD-PENNA from Sorbonne UniversitéAPHP and Dr Sarah MONTAGNE from APHP for:

  • their help in the segmentation tool design,
  • their feedback,
  • their implication (through CSE 1904 PAIMRI and DAICAP research project partnership),
  • their clinical expertise.

Thanks that, medInria is better adapted to clinical research domain.

Acknowledging medInria

If you use medInria for your publications, please acknowledge it in your paper. There is no paper available on the whole of medInria, although we are working on it. In the meantime, please either reference this website or this paper on medInria:

  • Florian Vichot, H. Cochet, Benoit Bleuzé, Nicolas Toussaint, P. Jaïs, and Maxime Sermesant. Cardiac Interventional Guidance using Multimodal Data Processing and Visualisation: medInria as an Interoperability Platform. Midas Journal, 2012.

In addition, each plugin comes with an "About section" (i icon on the top right corner of the toolbox), referring papers to be read / cited if using the proposed algorithm. 

Programming and Toolkits

medInria, on the code side, relies on several public packages to exist:

  • ITK : Insight Toolkit from Kitware
  • VTK: Visualization Toolkit from Kitware
  • DTK: DREAM Toolkit from Inria
  • DCMTK: Dicom query / retrieve library