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The Team

 is a project developed within Inria, in France.

Different teams have been working together to bring to life this new version:






Acknowledging medInria


If you use medInria for your publications, please acknowledge it in your paper. There is no real paper yet available on medInria 2.X, although we are working on this. In the meantime, please either reference this website or this paper on the medInria 1.X series:

  • N. Toussaint, J.-C. Souplet, and P. Fillard. MedINRIA: Medical Image Navigation and Research Tool by INRIA. In Proc. of MICCAI '07 Workshop on Interaction in Medical Image Analysis and Visualization. Brisbane Australia, 2007.


In addition, each plugin comes with an "About section" (i icon on the top right corner of the toolbox), referring papers to be read / cited if using the proposed algorithm.



Programming and Toolkits


medInria, on the code side, relies on several public packages to exist:

  • ITK : Insight Toolkit from Kitware
  • VTK: Visualization Toolkit from Kitware
  • DTK: DREAM Toolkit from Inria
  • DCMTK: Dicom query / retrieve library